Food for water turtles
Unlike their land counterparts, water turtles prefer diets made from animal proteins, since they are predators by nature. The reptiles also eat algae and other available plants, but in limited…

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Feed additives "inform Nutrition" - 30 years on the market!
«Inform Nutrition is one of the largest producers of animal feed additives in Europe. For almost 30 years of successful operation, the company has managed to take a leading position…

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The main disturbances in the feeding of Pets
Feeding an animal is not typical for this type of food. Carnivorous-carbohydrates (cereals, bread, pasta, etc.). Herbivores-excessive feeding of protein-containing food, in particular, a large amount of oats to horses…

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Dog eats grass. What does it mean?

Dogs do a lot of bizarre things, and one of these oddities is eating grass on the street. Veterinarians say that about 80% of furry Pets like to eat greens. Curiously, the reason for this phenomenon, scientists have not yet found out.
Veterinarians do not know why dogs eat grass, but they can accurately name factors that are not the cause of a sudden passion for greenery. Experts say that:

The dog doesn’t eat grass for lack of vitamins. The digestive tract of dogs simply does not contain enzymes that can digest greens.
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Cat food: which is better? How to feed a cat correctly

Going to the supermarket for food, Russians study their composition and shelf life for a long time. But once in a pet store, people are completely superficial about the question of how to feed a cat correctly. Taking a bag of advertised food, the owner immediately moves to the checkout with the idea that his pet gets a healthy and balanced diet. Is this so?

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Natural diet for an aging cat

With age, digestion and absorption of food deteriorates significantly. In most cases, this problem is also joined by a bad condition of the teeth. During this period of life, the need for calories is reduced, but now you need more protein, trace elements and vitamins. It should be borne in mind that the daily diet of the cat now needs to be divided into 3-4 parts. This will avoid additional stress on the digestive system. Proper feeding during this period will support the weakening body and prevent the development of chronic diseases.

Example of an aging cat’s diet:

30-40% – fish and meat; Continue reading

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What is the reason for poor tolerance of natural food, in particular, meat?
Quite often, owners report poor tolerance of raw meat. The dog has diarrhea or vomiting, which complicates the process of natural feeding or makes it even impossible. This fact does…


What's on the parrot's menu?
The basis of food for parrots is a mixture of different grains: millet, Canary seed, oats and seeds of different herbs. For larger species, corn and sunflower seeds are added.…


PROBALANCE® the first lure for a puppy
At least the first three weeks of life, puppies feed on their mother's milk. But this period passes unnoticed, and the moment comes when it's time to move on to…


Proper nutrition for huskies
When you pick up a puppy from the breeder, do not forget to ask about his diet, which the baby followed all his days from birth. Recommendations of the previous…