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NUTRAM nutrition and care in perfect balance

“The health of your Pets is just as important as your own health.”
The motto of the company Elmira Pet Products
Responsible for the environment

Canada is the second largest country in the world after Russia. Washed by the Pacific, Arctic, and Atlantic oceans, it is connected to other countries by cheap water. This is a country with a small population, where people prefer to live in cities. Canada’s coastal waters are rich in fish (Chinook salmon, chum salmon, pink salmon, halibut, cod, herring, haddock). when farming, Canadians adhere to the humanistic principle of loose and cell-free animal keeping, and widely introduce methods of growing environmentally friendly grains and vegetables.

Responsible for quality

Elmira Pet Products (nutram manufacturer) is a division of the canadian company Maple Lodge Farms Ltd. — Canada’s largest independent poultry producer (Beamsville, Ontario). Therefore, NUTRAM can afford to use fresh chicken meat suitable for human nutrition, as well as other components necessary for balancing the diet (high-quality chicken flour and fat). Thanks to high-quality protein sources, all NUTRAM dog and cat foods are digested by at least 87%.

In addition, the production of canadian NUTRAM feeds uses 80% of local raw materials (both animal and vegetable), this has a positive effect on the total cost of feed and allows you to make special demands on suppliers of raw materials.

Consuming NUTRAM feed, animals get the necessary amount of nutrients, while the load on the gastrointestinal tract is minimal, which means that it is easier for owners to clean up after the pet.

The production of NUTRAM feeds complies with the standards and directives of HACCP, ISO 9001: 2002, CFIA, USDA/APHIS, AAFCO and EU regulation 1774/2002. Modern technologies and equipment are used.

Responsible for the health of Pets

Due to the fact that Canada and Russia are Northern countries, canadian NUTRAM feeds meet the needs of Russian animals.

Dry food superpremium NUTRAM for cats is a wide and clear line that includes both special diets and daily meals.

NUTRAM KITTEN-dry food for actively growing kittens of all breeds. Contains the essential Omega3 fatty acid DHA, a high amount of protein (33%) and fat (21%).

NUTRAM INDOOR CAT-daily food for adult domestic cats based on chicken, rice, corn, seafood and cranberries. The feed contains at least 28% protein and at least 15% fat.

3D Nutram Adult Cat.for active cats walking on the street, the NUTRAM ADULT CAT diet has been developed. It contains 31% protein, 18% fat.

NUTRAM SENSITIVE STOMACH CAT is a food that helps cats that have problems digesting food. Due to the content of MOS and FOS complexes, it gently normalizes the work of the small and large intestine. Contains 32% protein and 20% fat, suitable for both domestic and outdoor cats.

NUTRAM ALLERGY CARE CAT is a unique food designed for cats with hypersensitivity to food and environmental allergens. Contains one type of meat (chicken) and one type of carbohydrates (rice), biologically active antioxidants.

NUTRAM WEIGHT CONTROL CAT allows you to effectively control your cat’s excess weight. The food contains 40% protein and low fat content (9%). Contains fresh chicken meat, chicken flour, herring flour and soy protein isolate-easily digestible sources of protein. L-carnitine was introduced into the feed as a natural “fat burner”.

Nutram Senior Cat 3D-1.jpgNUTRAM SENIOR CAT is designed for cats over 12 years old. Its components reduce the risk of obesity and functional additives for the nervous, musculoskeletal, and excretory systems. Protein components of the feed (chicken, fish fillet and whole egg) are highly digestible, which reduces the load on the enzymatic system of old animals. The feed contains
28% protein and 16% fat.
For the prevention of urolithiasis, NUTRAM URINAL CARE CAT: MALE is a preventive food for adult cats that reduces the formation of oxalates in the body of animals. This is achieved by slightly reducing the pH level (6.8—7.0). A high-quality blend of antioxidants(vitamin C, vitamin E, betacarotin, lutein, selenium, green tea extract), which is part of the feed, neutralizes the action of free radicals and supports the body’s natural defenses. The content of protein in the feed is 33%, fat-less than 15%.

High-quality dry food for animals preserves health and prolongs life. Nutram feeds are not only balanced depending on the age and physiological state of the animals, but also have preventive properties. They contain low levels of magnesium, which supports the health of the urinary system. Seaweed, which is part of the diet, has an anti-sclerotic effect, improves metabolism, normalizes carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Natural plant fibers help to remove hair lumps and improve intestinal motility. Medicinal herbs introduced into the recipe (plantain, marigolds, chicory, Echinacea, Ginkgo, chamomile, etc.) reduce the likelihood of inflammatory diseases, improve digestion.

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