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What to feed the puppy

A dog is a predator by nature, which means that its diet should be based on animal protein, but it should not be fed with meat alone. What products, in what quantities are suitable for a puppy, we will try to understand in this article.
First let’s define the main points:

The amount of food and the ratio of proportions are selected depending on the weight and age of the puppy.
Puppies younger than two months should be fed up to six times a day. Puppies from ten months and older are fed twice a day, but it is necessary to transfer to two meals a day gradually.
If the puppy does not have time to eat the entire portion in fifteen minutes, remove the bowl until the next feeding schedule.
If you were unable to feed the puppy on time, do not try to compensate for this omission with the amount of food in the next scheduled appointment.
Meat and dairy products should not be replaced with cheaper products of plant origin. A dog is a predator. It needs a full-fledged animal protein.
Vitamins and minerals are very important for the proper formation of a young body. Before using additional feedings, we recommend consulting a specialist.
Any active games and activities after eating are strictly prohibited. This can lead to serious negative consequences, including death.
All the products in one way or another contain salt so do not salt foods for dogs.
The bowl should be set so that it is located at the level of your pet’s chest.
Relative proportions of the main components of the puppy’s diet:

The age of the puppy


Dairy produce

Plant food

Up to two months




After three months



Up to 30%
What to feed the puppy?

Dairy products should form the basis of the diet of puppies up to three months. You can cook a variety of porridges with milk. Sometimes it is useful to replace milk with cottage cheese and kefir.
Meat products should form the basis of the growing body’s diet along with dairy products. In order to avoid infection with helminths, the meat is recommended to be properly frozen for three days, and before feeding, pour boiling water over it. Pork is not suitable for feeding dogs because it contains too much fat. We recommend using beef or veal as a base. Lamb, chicken, horsemeat, and rabbit are also good choices. You should not get carried away with chicken, because it often causes digestive disorders. The meat menu can be varied with offal: liver, heart, etc.
Diversify the meat menu with fish. Like meat, fish should be frozen to kill parasites. This is especially true for river fish and, to a lesser extent, sea fish. Be sure to remove all bones from the fish before feeding, because they can damage the esophagus and stomach of the animal. Occasionally, you can skip the fish along with the bones through a meat grinder. Fish bones are a good source of calcium.
Add vegetables to your main diet. They can be given finely chopped in raw or boiled form. They contain a large amount of vitamins and trace elements necessary for the growing body.
Cereals are a valuable source of plant protein. Dog breeders recommend adding them to the main diet, mixing with broth, adding pieces of meat. For this purpose, suitable: rice, buckwheat, oatmeal, boiled peas.
Do not feed the puppy bones. They can damage the gastrointestinal tract, which will lead to serious consequences. Use them to boil the broth.
Make sure that the puppy always has access to fresh drinking water. Sufficient water is always necessary for proper metabolism in the body.
As a treat, you can feed unsweetened fruit.
If you don’t have enough time to prepare dairy cereals, meat and other natural products, you should pay attention to full-size dry food and canned food. Now the market offers a huge variety of puppy food from famous manufacturers:

Bosch Bio Puppy
Bosch Puppy
Eukanuba Dog Puppy & Junior
HILLS SP Puppy with Lamb & Rice
Eukanuba Puppy Intestinal
Pro Plan Puppy Sensitive
Acana Puppy&Junior
Orijen Puppy
These foods are perfectly balanced, and contain all the necessary vitamins and trace elements for the proper development of the young body.

Here we have given only generalized recommendations for feeding puppies. When choosing products, the ratio of proportions and the amount of food needed per day, you should take into account a huge number of factors: breed, size, weight, individual characteristics. Only a specialist can give competent advice on feeding puppies of different breeds.

We wish you more smiles and joy together with Your four-legged friend. Be well fed and healthy!

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