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Cat food: which is better? How to feed a cat correctly

Going to the supermarket for food, Russians study their composition and shelf life for a long time. But once in a pet store, people are completely superficial about the question of how to feed a cat correctly. Taking a bag of advertised food, the owner immediately moves to the checkout with the idea that his pet gets a healthy and balanced diet. Is this so?

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Cat food. Gastronomic diversity
What is the best cat food? There are few candidates for such a proud title. Main types of feed:

canned food;
wet food (delicious pieces of “meat”, drizzled with sauce);
dry food.
the best food for cats
All feeds are divided into classes.

Economy class
Without thinking about what to feed the cat at home, owners pay attention to advertised products. When they are mentioned, veterinarians immediately recall the saying “Whiskas, Friskies, Kitekat-a cat lives up to three years”. Their popularity is due to exceptionally successful marketing.

Experts see some disadvantages in cheap feed:

low-quality raw materials cause the development of dermatitis, gastrointestinal disorders, gastritis, pancreatitis, colitis, liver diseases;
up to 90% of the feed cost – advertising;
the attractive appearance is due to the use of dyes;
Pets ‘ attachment to food is explained by addictive substances;
food contains a low number of meat products (about 4%), the origin of which is doubtful (cartilage, feathers, and even hooves).
Such food can harm the cat. Recent studies have shown that the liquid cat food of the above-mentioned companies does not contain the declared amount of trace elements and nutrients. Some samples did not contain fat or fiber at all. In another feed, instead of the declared 4% of fat, 0.04% was found.

This is not the best cat food, but it is quite suitable for use products that will provide the animal’s body with the necessary amount of nutrients. They include a large number of substances of animal origin, carcinogens and harmful food additives are absent. On the Russian market, the category is represented by Royal Canin, Purina Pro Plan, HILL’S, and Banters.

cat food
Their difference:

the presence of natural meat, the packaging clearly indicates its type and percentage of content (usually cat food contains chicken of acceptable quality);
balance, higher class of by-products used;
safety, good digestibility.
Minus-the presence of preservatives.

Super-premium class
They are not advertised and are sold in restricted locations. Good composition, high content of meat products – their credo. If you are wondering how to choose cat food, buy products from this category. Bright representatives are Acana, Natural Greatness, Orijen, Monge, Leonardo, as well as Schesir, Petreet.

cat food
Holistic class
This is the best food for kittens and adult Pets, produced by professionals for professional breeders.

High rank is justified:

lack of flavorings, additives, dyes and chemicals;
using high-quality raw materials and selected vegetables;
participation in the development of professional nutritionists;
rapid saturation of the pet (satiety occurs after taking small portions).

The best holistic cat food is Go!, Now, Grandorf, Trainer. Repels only their cost (for a package of 2 kg will have to pay 1.5-1.8 thousand rubles).

What to feed the cat: dry food or wet food?
To digest different types of food, the cat’s stomach produces different enzymes, so it is recommended to feed the pet with one type of food. Some owners do not adhere to this rule and combine dry food with wet.
Advantages of dry food:
eliminates plaque;
it is stored for a long time and sold in large volumes;
satisfies the chewing instinct.

If a pet could Express his opinion and tell you what is good food for cats, and which is worse, he would prefer pieces of meat in a sauce. The motive is clear – they are more consistent with the diet of cats living in the wild.

how to feed a cat correctly
Wet food also has a lot of fans thanks to:

attractive appearance, pleasant consistency;
high concentrations of protein (the feeling of fullness);
an abundance of water that prevents bladder diseases.
Wet cat food is a perishable product. Rotting processes start within 24 hours after opening the package.

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