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Natural diet for an aging cat

With age, digestion and absorption of food deteriorates significantly. In most cases, this problem is also joined by a bad condition of the teeth. During this period of life, the need for calories is reduced, but now you need more protein, trace elements and vitamins. It should be borne in mind that the daily diet of the cat now needs to be divided into 3-4 parts. This will avoid additional stress on the digestive system. Proper feeding during this period will support the weakening body and prevent the development of chronic diseases.

Example of an aging cat’s diet:

30-40% – fish and meat;

10% – cottage cheese and eggs;

20% – cereals in the form of boiled cereals;

20% – fiber from boiled vegetables;

10% – fats from butter and vegetable oil.

Features of feeding neutered and sterilized cats
After sterilization or castration, against the background of a decrease in the level of hormones, the metabolism begins to slow down. If you do not feed properly, this can cause obesity. On average, the energy needs of these animals are reduced by at least 15-20%. This must be taken into account when calculating portions.

Recipe for cooking food
For cooking, you need 1 kg of meat, suitable beef, chicken, Turkey. You also need to take 0.5 kg of vegetables: broccoli, cabbage, zucchini, asparagus beans and 2-3 tablespoons of oatmeal. Meat and vegetables are boiled, Hercules is filled with boiling water and left for 10-15 minutes to swell. After that, all the ingredients are crushed using a blender and mixed with 300 g of broth. The resulting mixture is divided into portions and frozen. Before feeding, it is simply heated in the microwave.

The most common problems that occur when unbalanced natural feeding
As a result of an incorrectly formulated diet, cats can have a number of problems. The most common ones are described below.

Diseases of the bone system
When feeding only meat or fish, as well as due to vitamin D deficiency, cats begin to develop diseases of the bone system. Most often, these are different forms of rickets. This rickets occurs very rarely, its development is facilitated by high doses of calcium in the absence of phosphorus.

Vitamin and mineral deficiency
When feeding only fish or meat, without vegetables and grains, cats begin to develop mineral and vitamin deficiencies. This condition can be manifested by nervous disorders, deterioration of the wool cover, decreased activity, and a number of other symptoms.

Chronic excess of vitamin A
May occur with prolonged feeding of raw liver. As a result, hypervitaminosis develops. It is manifested by pathologies of the cervical spine. Animals begin to lose weight, while the bones of the spine and joints begin to change irreversibly.

Helminths and other parasites
There is always a risk of infection with helminths and other parasites. When using unprocessed products, it increases several times. That is why all meat and fish components must be pre-frozen. In a healthy cat, the risk of infection is reduced to zero, the concentration of hydrochloric acid in the gastric juice of such animals is quite high. With digestive problems, it is significantly reduced. In turn, this helps to reduce the disinfecting properties of gastric juice.

For the prevention of helminth infections requires the use of special drugs. They effectively solve the problem of infection at various stages of development. You should only choose medications after consulting with a veterinarian.

The main cause of obesity is an energy imbalance. Most often, it occurs when the diet is too high in calories and little physical activity. In this case, the cat begins to form excess fat deposits, which can cause significant harm to health. These animals very often develop diabetes, begin problems with the liver and kidneys.

You can determine obesity by the following criteria:

swinging gait;

strongly rounded sides;

saggy belly.

Cats suffering from obesity are sedentary, most of the time they spend in a state of sleep.

The fight against obesity must be systematic. An animal can’t be starved. The caloric content of the diet should decrease gradually. At the same time, the size of portions should be strictly controlled. There should also be no free access to the feed.

Introduction to the diet of probiotics
With a well-balanced diet and good health, there is no need to use probiotics. The normal microflora of the intestine formed independently. In a number of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as when using antibiotics, probiotics are introduced into the diet, for example, vet. They help improve digestion and strengthen the immune system. It should be noted that uncontrolled use of such drugs can give the opposite effect.

Is it possible to combine a natural diet and industrial feed?
Mixing different types of feeding can lead to a number of health problems. Ready-made industrial feed is strictly balanced in terms of vitamins and trace elements. The inclusion of natural ingredients in them causes an imbalance and at least digestive problems. In the long term, this is fraught with the development of chronic diseases. That is why you should stick to only one type of feeding.

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