Pet food

One of the main conditions for normal growth, development and reproduction of aquarium fish is proper and complete nutrition. Aquarium fish feed in different layers of water. Their oral apparatus…

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For whom are economy class feeds produced?
This is not a question of nutrition, but of morality. It is known that most doctors, and owners, strongly recommend feeding it with so-called premium-class feeds, they are more balanced,…

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PROBALANCE® the first lure for a puppy
At least the first three weeks of life, puppies feed on their mother's milk. But this period passes unnoticed, and the moment comes when it's time to move on to…

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11 interesting facts about cat and dog nutrition

The nutrition of Pets determines their health and well-being. And if all owners know about constant access to fresh, not boiled, water today, then with other feeding rules everything is not so optimistic. We talked to the specialists of the pet store “ZOOMARKET ” and learned 11 interesting facts about the organization of feeding your Pets. Take up arms to make your Pets live a long and happy life.

Food” from the table ” is digested only for 30%
There are three main ways of feeding “ ” from the table”, home-prepared food and ready-made food from manufacturers. Continue reading

Is it possible to combine feeding with natural products and industrial feed?

This combination is unacceptable. This is one of the most common mistakes of feeding dogs and cats. Some owners try to add a small amount of industrial feed as a vitamin Supplement to their home diet. Or they worry that you can’t eat only “Breakfast cereals” all your life. After all, in nature, the animal does not consume dry food. We must not forget that Breakfast cereals are not the only source of food for people, so huge research centers have not been working on the development of another such product for many years, and the balance of such a Breakfast is not ideal for a person. Dry industrial animal feed is a completely different product. Continue reading

What are the categories of industrial pet food?

There are three main categories of industrial pet food:
First-class (premium and super-premium)
Feeds of different categories differ in their nutritional value, balance, composition and variety of ingredients, digestibility, taste and, accordingly, price. The quality of any feed depends primarily on: the quality of raw materials from which the feed is made;
the recipe for which it is made
the equipment on which this feed is produced. Continue reading

Let’s live together!

All animal lovers are usually divided into two types: some can’t imagine their life without cats, and others are crazy about faithful dogs. However, there are also those who decided to settle in their home at once two opposite in nature Pets. How do I make sure that this cohabitation doesn’t turn into a big war between animals?

Even a small child knows that cats and dogs do not get along together, but not everyone can guess that the reason for this dislike is that these animals have completely different lifestyles and worldviews. Dogs need communication and games, because in the wild they lived in packs, while graceful tailed predators are creatures that value personal space and avoid contact with unfamiliar animals.That is why a curious dog will get a hiss in response to its friendliness, and, for sure, will not want to communicate with the cat. Continue reading

What is a “balanced diet”?

A balanced diet is a diet that provides all the nutrients necessary to meet the daily needs of the animal, as well as energy that ensures the flow of life processes. When using this diet, there is no loss or accumulation of nutrients. The role of a balanced diet is that it helps to maintain a long and healthy life of Pets and reduces their susceptibility to diseases.
There are two main types of animal feeding:

– Feeding with home-made food
– Feeding with industrial feed Continue reading

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How to choose dry cat food?
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