Pet food

Analysis of the foreign trade market of cat and dog food. Results of the first half of 2016
Cats and dogs are the most popular Pets. The feed market for them is characterized by a rich range of products. All feeds can be divided into dry and canned.…

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New in cat nutrition: "Sanabelle", gluten-free formula.
For a long time it was considered correct to feed Pets with leftovers "from the table". Diseases of cats and dogs were not associated with nutrition, and symptoms were treated…

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Food for water turtles
Unlike their land counterparts, water turtles prefer diets made from animal proteins, since they are predators by nature. The reptiles also eat algae and other available plants, but in limited…

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What to feed the puppy

A dog is a predator by nature, which means that its diet should be based on animal protein, but it should not be fed with meat alone. What products, in what quantities are suitable for a puppy, we will try to understand in this article.
First let’s define the main points:

The amount of food and the ratio of proportions are selected depending on the weight and age of the puppy.
Puppies younger than two months should be fed up to six times a day. Puppies from ten months and older are fed twice a day, but it is necessary to transfer to two meals a day gradually. Continue reading

Food for land turtles

Unlike its aquatic counterparts, the land turtle is omnivorous, but the basis of its diet is still food of plant origin. That’s why reptiles are so fond of salads, vegetables and fruits that their owners usually give them.
However, often owners do not know that it is not recommended to add fruits with a high glucose content to the food of land turtles – bananas and grapes, and it is strictly forbidden to give dairy products and processed food to animals. Continue reading

Food for water turtles

Unlike their land counterparts, water turtles prefer diets made from animal proteins, since they are predators by nature. The reptiles also eat algae and other available plants, but in limited quantities. Lack of protein and feeding only plant food leads to the development of serious diseases in reptiles, and sometimes to death, so it is recommended to give preference to balanced production diets.

So, modern professional turtle food takes into account the biological needs and characteristics of these animals. In them, in the right proportion, the components of animal and vegetable origin are correlated (and the first ones predominate), fats, vitamins and minerals. Continue reading

Nuances of feeding puppies of large and giant breeds

About the nuances of feeding puppies of large and giant breeds.

The main thing is not to overfeed! The development of the body of puppies of large and giant breeds takes more time than their smaller counterparts. During growth and formation, the musculoskeletal system is experiencing a tremendous load, so you need to carefully monitor the amount of food consumed, its composition and nutritional value, in order to prevent the appearance of excess weight, which will increase the load on the still immature bones and ligaments of the puppy. Continue reading

Natural food: how to feed a cat correctly?

Feed your pet “straight” will only be able to particularly pedantic people who do not scare the remnants of food on the kitchen floor. Manufacturers of ready-made food carefully select the proportions of trace elements to ensure a balanced diet for animals. If the owner takes control of the pet’s diet, he will have to carefully select the ingredients.

What to feed a cat at home? Meat and dairy products will form the menu:

1. 2/3 of the diet – meat (fish).
2. 1/3-porridge, vegetables, dairy products, canned food. Continue reading

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